Why "Free" Job Advice, Articles and Career Coaches Can KILL Your Chances Of Landing That Job...

And How A Simple ‘Tweak’ In The Way You Look At Your Skills
Will Change Your Fortune... Forever!


Acland here --

The biggest mistake nearly everybody makes when searching for a new position is thinking of it as a “battle” of who’s got the best resume.

You're told to shovel every skill and experience you can think of onto that poor thing, and just hope that somehow you win the "skill war."

Of course you need to communicate your skills are in order to get the job, but it's a HUGE mistake to think it’s JUST about skills.

Most experts & career coaches don’t get this and are still using obsolete ideas and strategies which will send you straight into the trash. Until you recognize this, you can NEVER stand out as the only choice for the job. Never.

What I'm about to tell you will change everything about job-hunting for you.

You're about to learn how to:

  • Attract job offers and interviews to you like a magnet,
  • Quickly KILL any perception you’re over/under qualified or too old/young,
  • Get hiring professionals FIGHTING to hire you, literally forcing them to offer you 10-50% more than your current salary!

And the best part is that it's SO simple!

It has nothing to do with what you put into your resume. Nothing at all to do with the keywords you use. And nothing whatsoever to do with anything that a career coach would try to "fix" in your resume.

You want to know what this secret is? Of course you do.

    Come close. Closer. Listen...

        As non-intuitive as it sounds, the secret is to....

Ditch Your Resume

That’s right.

You can forget about sweating for hours over a resume... You can forget the “rules” the experts tell you that you need to follow. And forget about everything else you THOUGHT you needed to do.

Have I gone insane? Naturally it depends on who you ask :) ... but in this particular case, no... Just stick with me and keep an open mind and I'll explain how this all works.

FACT 1: Everyone applying to a job has roughly the SAME skills and experience.

FACT 2: MOST people learned how to write resumes the same way in school.

Put those two facts together and it logically follows that....

EVERY resume for any job pretty much says EXACTLY the same thing...

When you accept this, you'll realize TWO vitally important things:

First: YOUR resume looks pretty much EXACTLY THE SAME as everyone else’s (otherwise they wouldn’t be applying to the position), and because of that...

Sending A Resume Is Actually KILLING Whatever Chance You Ever Had Stand OUT And Land That Job...

Doing the same thing as everyone else means you can NEVER stand out from the crowd, and you’ll completely write off your chances of getting the job.

And what I don't understand is why nobody seems to get this... Not the “experts”, not the career professionals, nobody!

Let's take two job seekers called them Brad and Sally. They both have similar levels of skill and experience. They both want to land the same position.

Brad spends his time sending out hundreds of resumes because "it’s a numbers game, right?."

But he never realizes that this is what every other job hunter is doing too... with the result that his resume is just like 23,553 others that land on some desk somewhere, with ZERO chance of actually getting noticed.

He can’t recall the last time he got an email from an employer actually excited to have received his resume. It’s been months since his last interview and that was for a position he didn’t even really want.

Sally, on the other hand, clearly understands that she needs to do something different if she’s going to stand out.

How a "Resume Replacement Letter" Can Position You As The #1 Candidate for Any Position

A "resume replacement letter" is a simple letter that takes a limited "snapshot" of your skills and experience and constructs a focused picture of you as someone uniquely suited to do the job.

Written the right way, your "resume replacement letter" can pull off amazing feats that a resume can only dream of.

No matter if you're under-qualified, over-qualified, too old, too young... a great "resume replacement letter" allows you to "position" yourself as the perfect candidate for any position... WITHOUT revealing any of the negative or unrelated stuff that just bogs your resume down and sinks your chances.

Here's an easy chart showing what a "resume replacement letter" will do for you:

The benefits of sending a letter like this:

  • Not sending a resume dramatically positions you as different to every other applicant (a huge instant bonus)
  • You IMMEDIATELY (and quite literally) go to the top of the pile (people will put letters ON TOP of a pile of resumes)
  • By not sending a resume you save the employer a huge amount of time having to READ and INTERPRET your resume in order to work out whether your skills and experience are a match
  • As a result you can quickly and efficiently explain HOW and WHY you're a "fit" for the organization and the position.

When you do the "heavy lifting" for a busy employer like this, they'll thank you for it every single time by calling you in for an interview.

Why I Must Swear You To Secrecy On This

Here’s the deal: This is one-of-a-kind information available ONLY from this website, and for good reason.

The fact is that I can’t go public with this in any big way. I could have gone to a “real” publisher but like I said earlier, the more these techniques get out there and start to be commonly used, the less effective they’re going become.

Thanks but no thanks!

Instead, I've decided to limit the availability to this valuable info to a special few, like you, and simply charging a little more for it than I’d make on book royalties. That way, you’re one of the lucky few to get their hands on info that’s going to seriously change your life, and I get to make a living. We both win. That’s fair, right?

And because you now have access to this “underground” information, I’m sure it’s not going to come as a surprise when I, in return, swear you to secrecy about what you’re about to learn. The less people that know about these powerful tactics, the better for you.

Don't get me wrong though. I understand that it’s going to be tempting to ‘share it around’ to your friends who are dying to know your secret. But once again I urge you AGAINST doing this. You’ll only be doing BOTH of us a disservice.

Introducing the The Most Complete, Effective, Simple and 100% Effective System Ever Created To Land You Almost ANY Job!

This is the most complete guide you’ll read about getting any job you want, and trust me when I say I’ve read almost every book and piece of information out there and the information is not even close to what it’s included in the Job Secrets Revealed system.

Here's just a fraction of what you'll learn in the program:

  • The 12 little-known ingenious ways to find the best positions with growing companies. We also tell you the best places to find companies that need staff NOW (and none of them are online!)
  • Studies show that 92% of all employers hate looking for new staff. What if you could make a their job 100% easier? I’ll give you 12 hot tactics to get them clamoring to hire YOU
  • The one killer mistake most job-seekers make which SINKS their chances, gets their resumes trashed instantly (and how you can leverage this knowledge to race to the top of the pile)
  • I show you not only exactly WHAT to say, how to SAY IT in a way that makes you STAND OUT from every other job seeker in a powerful way
  • Would it be helpful it I gave you winning letters that you can outright steal and use? These are letters that been proven successful time and time again by my students
  • The 2 amazing new resume production techniques that guarantee a reader will spend on average 6 times LONGER reading about you and have a 40% rise in information retention afterwards
  • You'll discover how to tap into the little-known secrets of positioning which will make you the #1 candidate BEFORE the interview
  • How a simple change in your resume can add anywhere from $2,000 to $18,000 to your salary at your next job
  • How sending a correctly worded email (which I’ll give you) will have potential employers on the phone literally fighting to hire you. (This simple trick will double your salary if you have the GUTS to try it!)
  • The 3 most important questions to ask in any interview. If we gave them to you, do you think you could memorize them? These questions will completely change their perception of you away from someone who wants to be given a job... (Think of us when you notice the almost magical shift in their attitude)
  • The single, almost magically easy technique that will enable you to quickly take control of an interview, plus learn why their interview questions tell you more about them than they would ever imagine
  • The 2 most important things you can do to succeed in an interview. Learn this simple mind trick that will make the interviewer want to give you the job
  • HANDLE WITH CAUTION: Secret "positioning" tricks that can be used even by those with “little” or no experience that will have them greeting you by name when you arrive for the interview, bemusing and demoralizing your competition
  • Want to change career direction or go for the dream job that you’ve always lusted after but never thought you’d get in a million years? I’ll give you the jewel in my crown — my proven strategies that qualify you for positions outside of your present industry or job description

I could go on, but I won't -- I think you got the point.

What you're going to learn from me you WON'T learn from a career advisor or any other "how to get that job" book. These techniques are just too radical for the mass market but you'll get them all in Job Secrets Revealed.

I'm literally giving you my best stuff. In some cases these methods, tips and strategies have resulted in my students getting interviews and job offers literally the very same day they emailed the company.

Check out what some of my first customers that applied my advice to their situation have to say:

“This works!”
“I just wanted to let you know, and encourage others, that this works! I redid my cover letter based on the info in the book and it landed me an interview within 15 minutes of e-mailing it to a hiring manager. The interview was last week and my letter was specifically mentioned as a factor in deciding to call me in. Thanks for everything.” - C. Huntley, Adelaide, South Australia
“I Start Monday!”
“Just wanted to let everybody know that by using many of the methods used on this website, I was able to land a job and I start Monday. I wasn't able to do everything you suggested, but what was done helped tremendously. Thanks a lot, you guys (and girls) are the greatest..” - Danni Taylor, Los Angeles, CA
Plus, you're also going to receive FOUR essential bonuses, one for each stage of your job hunting journey
Bonus 1 - "Innovative Cover Letters, Resumes & Approaches"

First up, for those folks who need extra examples, words, hooks and approaches, I have you covered with this valuable bonus report.

Inside you'll find winning letter ideas you can steal for your letters, plus a new way to write your resume that makes it easy for an employer to see why they should hire you.

In this valuable report I also reveal powerful tweaks to our powerful "Resume Replacement Letter" layout. It’s the "silver bullet" that you’ve been missing and used by itself it will immediately double your chances of getting to the interview stage.

This is valued at $47.95.

Bonus 2 - "Simple Mistakes"

As a 2nd bonus, I've got even more practical and proven tips and tricks in a valuable report "Simple Mistakes".

In 14 years I've supercharged over 10,000 resumes and cover letters and we’ve compiled the most frequently-made mistakes and errors into a 40-page manual.

You're going to be shocked at how many you're making, today, right now, every time you apply for a new position.

This is valued at $19.00.

Bonus 3 - "Job Interview MAGIC"

The 3rd bonus that is going to blow you away is "Job Interview MAGIC" -- our Bible for how to confidently take control of any interview and keep it, how you can move it only to subjects that most help you demonstrate your value.

Learn how to handle the 8 toughest interview questions with ease, humor and confidence and discover how to respectfully sidestep questions designed to trip you up. Find out the 3 things every interviewer fears most and the words they most want to hear.

This report will be your indispensable guide to cruise into the position you want and is valued at $29.00!

Bonus 4 - "Job Interview MAGIC Audio Companion"

Finally, where every other course or program stops, I keep going and going and going. For this fourth bonus, I have put together an innovative CD designed for you to listen to on the way to the interview to get you into the "zone".

I created this because a lot of readers were getting nervous before their interviews (which is totally normal by the way).. and I wanted to help them transform that nervous energy into a positive outcome.

You'll see in the audios that I steer away from the usual clichéd answers to tough interview questions that everybody's heard a thousand times because and actually rehearse with you how to talk to employers and the actual words to use to show them the REAL benefits and results they will gain from hiring you.

Download the audio file from us, transfer it to your phone or MP3 player and listen to it on the way to the dozens of interviews you're going to have lined up when you start to put my methods into action. Imagine walking into the room with the perfect things to say fresh in your mind.

You'll say goodbye to painful interviews and missed opportunities forever. This baby's valued at $19 by itself.

Claim YOUR Copy of the Entire Job Secrets Revealed Program Today For Just $47.00!

The price for all this isn't several hundred dollars.

Because I know you may be looking for work right now, or looking to change careers, I want to keep the price of this information affordable to you.

It's just 47 bucks.

Seriously. Less than the price of dinner for two and it's going to change your life. And if I don't deliver everything I promise, I don't get paid. What could be fairer?

You'll never apply to a position the "normal" way again. And the result? You’ll instantly begin attracting job offers and interviews to you like a magnet... plus... what you'll learn about how to take control of interviews in this program will force them to give you a healthy salary bump!

What My Clients Are Saying...

This just a small selection of the unsolicited testimonials sent in by my clients over the past 10 years.

“I Got An Offer After 18 Months Unemployment”
“I'm just writing to shout a huge THANK YOU at you. I got a job offer (!!!!) Of course, all job offers are tentative, so nothing is a lock as of this moment, but I am excited nonetheless. Your techniques and individualized help changed my life. I have been unemployed 18 months after my college graduation. You helped me to frame the skills I'd gotten such that I could show how I could help a company, and be competitive with the rest of the applicant pool.” - Larry Kirby
"Best Cover Letter They'd Ever Seen!"
“I just sent out my cover letter to a couple ads already and I already received a response. "Best cover letter I have ever seen" from a recruiter! So no interviews yet, but I like the results already!!!!” - Julie Lomar
“Made Their Heads Spin!”
“The cover letter hooked them, the resume made their head spin, I've spent three days crafting the perfect thank-you/salary requirement letter and I'm down to the last paragraph. Your approach and attitude are unrivaled.” - Cal Ritar
“Got an Interview for my Dream Job!”
“Hi guys - Luuurve your work!! I am moving from Victoria down to Tasmania (Australia) and have secured an interview for the JOB OF MY DREAMS as an Office Manager!” - Stacey Travis
“They Were SO Impressed!”
“Hey had a interview with a company. Took almost 3 weeks, but I am in. They were so impressed with my resume and interviewing skills that they offered bonuses that they normally would not do to others being hired for the same position. Thanks for all your input!!” - Sam W.
“Inspired Beyond Belief”
“Last week I subscribed to Job Secrets Revealed and I have to say that it has motivated me and inspired me beyond belief!” - Nettie
“I Start Monday!”
“Just wanted to let everybody know that by using many of the methods used on this website, I was able to land a job and I start Monday. I wasn't able to do everything you suggested, but what was done helped tremendously. Thanks a lot, you guys (and girls) are the greatest..” - Danni Taylor
“Finally Landed a Job!”
“I have finally landed a job. A real job, with benefits, a company that is growing, great people, and a nice casual work environment.” - K Jaded
“The #1 Applicant Selected”
“"Thanks to JSR, I got an interview out of over 100 resumes! I applied for an Office Manager position with a Construction Company and was told they were extremely impressed with my Resume and Cover Letter. They received over 100 resumes and are only interviewing 3 applicants! As if that wasn't great news , it gets better. I am the #1 applicant selected.” - Peta K.
“1 Interview and I Got The Job!”
“One interview & I GOT THE JOB! I attribute my success in part to the material in JSR making me feel confident enough to relax during the interview & sell myself by letting them know what I will do for them in the future, not concentrating on telling them what I have done in the past.” - Luanne Lo Monte
“My Interview Is This Thursday”
“Hi Acland, I cant believe it. The hospital called me on this position today. My interview with them is this Thursday. I am so happy because, I don't just want a job with them, I want to be a part of them. This is amazing.” - Erika Ahmad
“Oh my God!”
“Oh my God! I got another job interview with the same health care company, but different departments. I knew submitting 9 applications would do something for me. And this position pays more than the other one. Woo.....oooo! I am dancing....!!!” - Erin Cawley
“Got Into a Door That Didn't Have a Hiring Sign on It”
“It WORKED! It WORKED! It WORKED! Your help has gotten me into the door which didn't even have a 'Hiring' sign on it! Acland, remember the 'Miss King' letter I sent you off list? She called me today and, get this, was 'so excited' to receive it, 'can't wait' to meet me, is 'thrilled' I wrote and, although she said she'd love to have me come in tomorrow (she'd been out of town which is why she didn't respond earlier and has a lot of office work to catch up on), but, let me pick the date and time of the meeting! So, next week I'm going in! Honestly, she sounded so excited during the conversation you'd have thought SHE'D won the lottery!” - Wendy
“ACED the Interview!”
“Well, I got the interview. I went over your section on interview prep and freaking ACED the interview. I could just feel that I was perfect for this job and they knew it also” - Scott M.
“This Is So Easy!”
“Oh my!!! I did exactly what you suggested in the book and used my resume to back up what I said. I sent my cover letter and resume to a company I was interested in via e-mail to the partner that does the HR. With in an hour, I received a phone call. She did not leave a message, but my caller id picked up the number for me. I called the number and identified myself and indicated that some one had called me from the number. The next thing I new I was speaking to the partner. She conducted a short interview and loved my letter! I will be going into a interview with the other partner on September 5th. I would be trained to take his place when he retired in 10 years. That is, if I get the job. I am preparing using Job Interview Magic right now so I can nail the second interview. Thanks Acland, This is great! If I don't get this one I am sure the techniques I learned will get me another interview. This is so easy, I simply spoke from my heart! I would recommend the things I learned from you to anyone who is looking for a job.” - D.J.
“I Was One of the Four.”
“The company received 65 resumes and only selected 4 applicants to interview and I was one of the four. JSR IS THE BEST!!!!!” - Patricia Tan
“Interview Within 15 Minutes of Emailing My Letter!”
“I just wanted to let you know, and encourage others, that JSR works! I redid my cover letter based on the info in the book and some samples I read in this forum and it landed me an interview within 15 minutes of e-mailing it to a hiring manager. The interview was last week and my letter was specifically mentioned as a factor in deciding to call me in. Thanks for everything.” - C. Huntley
“I Got An Interview the Very Next Day!”
“I have read Job Secrets Revealed and most of the other publications, and out of the only 2 CVs and cover letters I sent, I have already gotten 1 interview the very next day. Acland and all in JSR team, you guys are fantastic!” - Vin D.
“So, I purchased the book "Job Secrets Revealed"" for some help. And this book is AWESOME!!” - John T. Forman
“I just wanted to let you know that my first try (yes I used the above cover letter and resume, with some minor changes to tailor it to the job) was a success! I have passed the initial 'weeding out' and am now filling out the application to have ready for my interview! For two jobs! A quote from one of the HR people: '...I have always said a good cover letter is just as important as a resume!'........ :-) I have three words for you: THANK YOU!!! SUCCESS!!!” - Scott McHenry
“I've Never Crossed Something So Unique”
“Your book is a great read, many of the techniques discussed I wouldn't have learnt elsewhere, even though I worked at two employment agencies previously, I have never come across something so unique.” - Hillary S.

... Still not convinced? What about some MORE?!...

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Amazing stuff here, though. "Must-see" if you’re serious about moving forward in life.

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Acland Brierty

P.S. One last thing. I hate to mention it again, but you’re going to have to act FAST here because time’s running out for you.

You don’t want to put investing in this information until your competition for the positions you want are using these tactics against you.

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