What My Clients Are Saying...

This just a small selection of the unsolicited testimonials sent in by my clients over the past 10 years.

Acland, I'm just writing to shout a huge THANK YOU at you. I got a job offer (!!!!) Of course, all job offers are tentative, so nothing is a lock as of this moment, but I am excited nonetheless. Your techniques and individualized help changed my life. I have been unemployed 18 months after my college graduation. You helped me to frame the skills I'd gotten such that I could show how I could help a company, and be competitive with the rest of the applicant pool.
Larry Kirby
I just sent out my cover letter to a couple ads already and I already received a response. "Best cover letter I have ever seen" from a recruiter! So no interviews yet, but I like the results already!!!!
Julie Lomar
The cover letter hooked them, the resume made their head spin, I've spent three days crafting the perfect thank-you/salary requirement letter and I'm down to the last paragraph. Your approach and attitude are unrivaled.
Cal Ritar
Hi guys - Luuurve your work!! I am moving from Victoria down to Tasmania (Australia) and have secured an interview for the JOB OF MY DREAMS as an Office Manager!
Stacey Travis
Hey had a interview with a company. Took almost 3 weeks, but I am in. They were so impressed with my resume and interviewing skills that they offered bonuses that they normally would not do to others being hired for the same position. Thanks for all your input!!
Sam W.
Last week I subscribed to Job Secrets Revealed and I have to say that it has motivated me and inspired me beyond belief!
Just wanted to let everybody know that by using many of the methods used on this website, I was able to land a job and I start Monday. I wasn't able to do everything you suggested, but what was done helped tremendously. Thanks a lot, you guys (and girls) are the greatest..
Danni Taylor
I have finally landed a job. A real job, with benefits, a company that is growing, great people, and a nice casual work environment.
K. Jaded
"Thanks to JSR, I got an interview out of over 100 resumes! I applied for an Office Manager position with a Construction Company and was told they were extremely impressed with my Resume and Cover Letter. They received over 100 resumes and are only interviewing 3 applicants! As if that wasn't great news , it gets better. I am the #1 applicant selected. I have an interview Monday, March 7 at 12:00 p.m. and I need advice on how to land this job!
Peta Keinert
One interview & I GOT THE JOB! I attribute my success in part to the material in JSR making me feel confident enough to relax during the interview & sell myself by letting them know what I will do for them in the future, not concentrating on telling them what I have done in the past.
Luanne Lo Monte
Hi Acland, I cant believe it. The hospital called me on this position today. My interview with them is this Thursday. I am so happy because, I don't just want a job with them, I want to be a part of them. This is amazing. Please suggests some questions you think I should ask them, or how can I prepare my self...Please help me one last time. Its amazing cuz I used my old resume and cover letter, not the one you revised for me. But even my old resume and CL was from your book still worked. So, either way, your methods work; old or new.
Erika Ahmad
Oh my God! I got another job interview with the same health care company, but different departments. I knew submitting 9 applications would do something for me. And this position pays more than the other one. Woo.....oooo! I am dancing....!!!
Erin Cawley
It WORKED! It WORKED! It WORKED! Your help has gotten me into the door which didn't even have a 'Hiring' sign on it! Acland, remember the 'Miss King' letter I sent you off list? She called me today and, get this, was 'so excited' to receive it, 'can't wait' to meet me, is 'thrilled' I wrote and, although she said she'd love to have me come in tomorrow (she'd been out of town which is why she didn't respond earlier and has a lot of office work to catch up on), but, let me pick the date and time of the meeting! So, next week I'm going in! Honestly, she sounded so excited during the conversation you'd have thought SHE'D won the lottery!
Wendy A.
Well, I got the interview. I went over your section on interview prep and freaking ACED the interview. I could just feel that I was perfect for this job and they knew it also
Scott M.
Oh my!!! I did exactly what you suggested in the book and used my resume to back up what I said. I sent my cover letter and resume to a company I was interesed in via e-mail to the partner that does the HR. With in an hour, I received a phone call. She did not leave a message, but my caller id picked up the number for me. I called the number and identified myself and indicated that some one had called me from the number. The next thing I new I was speaking to the partner. She conducted a short interview and loved my letter! I will be going into a interview with the other partner on September 5th. I would be trained to take his place when he retired in 10 years. That is, if I get the job. I am preparing using Job Interview Magic right now so I can nail the second interview. Thanks Acland, This is great! If I don't get this one I am sure the techniques I learned will get me another interview. This is so easy, I simply spoke from my heart! I would recommend the things I learned from you to anyone who is looking for a job.
The company received 65 resumes and only selected 4 applicants to interview and I was one of the four. JSR IS THE BEST!!!!!
Patricia Tan
I just wanted to let you know, and encourage others, that JSR works! I redid my cover letter based on the info in the book and some samples I read in this forum and it landed me an interview within 15 minutes of e-mailing it to a hiring manager. The interview was last week and my letter was specifically mentioned as a factor in deciding to call me in. Thanks for everything.
C. Huntley
I purchased the book and am finding it full of very useful information.
Craig Grant
This is my first posting and I'm really new at this, so please pardon me for committing any blunder. I have read Job Secrets Revealed and most of the other publications, and out of the only 2 CVs and cover letters I sent, I have already gotten 1 interview the very next day. Acland and all in JSR team, you guys are fantastic!
Vinnie D.
So, I purchased the book - Job Secrets for some help. And this book is AWESOME!!
John T. Forman
I just wanted to let you know that my first try (yes I used the above cover letter and resume, with some minor changes to tailor it to the job) was a success! I have passed the initial 'weeding out' and am now filling out the application to have ready for my interview! For two jobs! A quote from one of the HR people: '...I have always said a good cover letter is just as important as a resume!'........ :-) I have three words for you: THANK YOU!!! SUCCESS!!!
Scott McHenry
Your book is a great read, many of the techniques discussed I wouldn't have learnt elsewhere, even though I worked at two employment agencies previously, I have never come across something so unique.
Hillary S.
In June of 2001 I was laid off. My company downsized. The dot com bubble had burst, and 911 was just around the corner. I was unable to get another job. My resume was one of the many hundreds in the HR departmentsÂ’ inbox. My best friend Rick had bought me JSR as a birthday present in November of 2002. To say the least, I was very skeptical. The jobless rate in Southern California continued to increase, and I did not believe that anything so general (as Job Secrets Revealed) would work for me. One morning, I decided to give Acland's techniques a try. I designed my cover letter to stand out by showing each company how hiring ME, would increase their bottom line. I also re-arranged my resume (using these same techniques) so that my 18 months of unemployment became an asset (not a liability). After sending out the first batch of new resumes and cover letters, things happened. I was getting calls for interviews. I was closer to actually getting a job. I found my current position on a national job board. I E-Mailed my cover letter and resume. Several hours later, I received a call and set up an interview. I was the first and last person interviewed. I'm happy and have been here since December of 2002. Without JSR, I would have never been noticed; just one of many generic resumes and cover letters.
Daly N.

... Still not convinced? What about some MORE?!...

With your book and your advice I am well on the way to the greatest resume I have ever had .. I have been making changes to my resume as I read through your book and took those changes and have been putting them to the test . I have had my old resume on Monster.com for two months,and I HAVE HAD NOT ONE CALL.. After I bought your book a few days ago I put my new and improved resume on Monster.com under a new listing and I recieved a call today for a interview on Tuesday . I wanna be a spokesmen for you.
Richard S.
With the help of your interview tips I managed to land a new job in a new city developing new information products and making more money! I am so happy and I can't thank you enough for all your help
Paige Morrison
It worked!!! I was able to get an interview with the head of accounting. We hit it off well! They just had someone quit so my timing was perfect. I got in ahead of the crowd and they offered the job to me. Since I am working towards an advanced degree they offered me more money than I was asking for. I got it all, my dream job, a great salary, and all of the bells and whistles. Thanks Acland and team!!!! Your techniques and advice really work!
Hello, Thanks to your book, I found an excellent job! I start on 11/26 and the pay is awesome!
Nanette Flores Robuck
FINALLY EMPLOYED!!! HURRAY! I began to use Acland's first and most successful suggestion of Networking with people that I knew, just met, acquaintances, and so on... My primary source was any family members that I could think of that was working. The long and short of it is that as a result of networking with the same younger brother that purchased me the ticket to get home, and an individual I saw on a regular basis at my barber's, I ended up with getting a phone interview with my brother's company. When I got back home from my father's funeral I had another interview scheduled at the employer of the individual's company I saw regularly at the barber. My phone interview occurred just before I was about to return back home from my father's funeral at my younger brothers house. The end result was that I was offered the position over the phone... Sight unseen!!! However, before I became to giddy I wanted to wait until I got an actual offer letter. Meanwhile, when I returned home I had a face to face interview waiting for me at the barber acquaintance's employer. However, I withdrew my name from consideration for that interview because I recieved my offer letter from my brothers company the day before that interview. The offer was a 23% increase over what I was making in my previous position, with benefits (to be learned about when I report), and an offer to obtain a security clearance, if I so desire, for future projects.
M. D. Briggs
Acland: I finally landed a job 17.5 months after my previous company downsized. My cover letter (using the tips from JSR) got me the first interview and my diverse knowledge (in IT, Marketing, QA, TW, etc.) landed me the job. Thank you for such a wonderful tool.
Daly N.
Dear JSR, I just wanted to thank you for all of your help in my obtaining a permanent job with the City I live in (as of April 2/03). Yes I got a permanent Municipal Job in its Finance Department!!!!!!!!!!! Now I will be eligible for a pension when I retire and 100% dental and prescription benefits. I am now just getting back on my feet financially. It feels great to have a cash flow. Thanks again for all your help and I wish you and yours health, happiness and success.
Dena Panageators
I'm a new grad. Read JSR and it's great.
First of all, thank you Acland. I used some of your techniques in a recent cover letter that resulted in a call from the company a day after they received it. I interviewed yesterday, and while the job isn't really what I'm looking for, I was told it stirred up some excitement in the HR office. I guess the HR director called everyone over to read it because it stood out so much from the other applicants! Thanks!!!
Corinne Wills
Hey everyone! My resume got me the invite to an interview with a nice company! (Shout out to everyone at JSR!)
Scott Biggers
Thank you very much for creating such a great service! I've been banging my head trying to figure out how to make my application work best and here's an example. I'm 3/4 of the way through the JSR book and I think it offers some great insight.
Toby Capone
Hi, first, I gotta say that the cover letter tips that I got from this forum have actually gotten me two call-backs - more than I've gotten in the last month!
Bill Rickard
The resume looks soo good! thank you so much - I will update my resume today!! I can't wait to try it! I just received an invitation today from the HR recruiter to schedule an interview for next Tuesday 4/8 AM - after so long! and only after I sent in a direct email letter to her as a form of introduction - applying what I had learned in JSR about cover letters!! I sincerely believe that the cover letter got me the interview - the HR recruiter was soooo hard to reach until I sent in the letter two days ago! this REALLY works and I am sooo amazed - I have to work on my resume and I will post it tomorrow for you to review it... God bless you - I think I am going to cry - I am so happy!!
Deshawn M.
I was called in for a second interview. I used the Interview Magic for the first interview and it worked.
Bill W.
Dear Acland, Success at last! Thanks to God and your help with my resume I have just landed the career of my dreams! I had been out of work for 4 months and needed more than just a paycheck, but a solid career opportunity to help take care of my family. To everyone else struggling in this job market: Be positive, pray, and never give up! Good luck and may God bless you all!
India K.
I first wanted to say that your website has been very resourceful to me! After reading the stories and your books, I've now began to use the tools you've provided. It is excellent and even recommended to my family and friends!
Jags B.
You asked us to post if we had success with these techniques, so I'm posting. They work, they work, they work! I bought the book several weeks ago. I was already unwittingly applying some of the tactics to my cover letter and was averaging about one response to every five applications I made - not bad in this tight, tight market - but not stunning either. I had sent out approximately 15 applications in the past three months because everyone except for myself and one other person in my small tech-consulting company has been laid-off.

Since tweaking and incorporating more of the strategies, I have received a response from EVERY SINGLE company to which I have applied - all six of them. Writers are always the first to go in large corporations. As a result, my area is literally swamped with unemployed technical writers. Of the twenty or so I personally know, twelve are looking for work. My consulting company has received five calls in the past two days about a position we posted three months ago and that has since wrapped up - that is how bad the situation is. Yet I am being called for interviews for every position open position to which I choose to apply. I've also had three offers: I turned down two because the commute was too much and one because the money wasn't right. I'm scheduled for round two of interviews with a company that I think is perfect, and I'm actually confident that I can get that position now that I use these techniques. I'm turning down jobs in this market!! The tactics aren't about being pompous, they are about being proud of your accomplishments and illustrating how those skills can benefit the company to which you are applying. If you saved your last employer $50,000 by bargain hunting for light-bulbs, why shouldn't you be proud of that? Why shouldn't you tell the company to which you are applying, 'Hey, I did this for them and I can do it for you too?' All the other applicants are going to say 'well, I'm a good bargain-hunter when it comes to buying supplies.' You aren't saying anything that isn't true, you are just illustrating how that skill adds to the bottom line. Why are we so uptight about claiming the pride of accomplishment?

As a writer, my skills aren't generally thought of as 'revenue generators'. I know that all of my contemporaries are in there saying 'I put a lot of emphasis on audience analysis to produce solid documentation' - just like I used to. I've got the edge now. I've learned to tell the interviewer that I understand that poor documentation drives clients away by making them think the tool is hard to use. But that good documentation makes hard-to-use tools seem easy. That I focus on the customers and their needs when I write. I write to them, not above them - on their level - so that they believe even the most complicated tool is easy to use and want to recommend the tool to friend's and buy more products from that company with the easy to use software. It's the same thing - but my fellow writers are saying 'audience analysis' and 'solid documentation' and I'm talking about the EFFECT of those things on the bottom line. So, I'm now getting offers over people who have 10 years of experience on me and whom I know are better writers. So, yes, I've had great success and have recommended the book and these boards to some friends who are also looking for work - and I'm not one to tout any product. Give them a try - really, if you aren't getting offers now, do you have anything to lose?
Terisa Mc K.
Well, you certainly helped me with the cold call script! They were so impressed they offered me a partnership, which I've decided to take advantage of.
Acland, I got the job! It was amazing to see how many bites I received. When asking the interviewers why they called me in, the reasons always seemed to point to curiosity. It sounds like the resume and cover letter made enough claims to their benefit that it was almost wrong to pass me up. Thanks, again! P.S. - I probably will be posting again soon for yet another industry move.
Uma F.
Just got the book today...awesome tips!
Update after long absence (this job hunting is HARD work!). The first of my new-fangled resumes hit the mail on February 28 (dream job). I have just been invited to an interview. So, for the moment I have a 100% response rate. Three more resumes have gone out this week, one is a slightly modified version, but still a three panel foldout. Let's see if I can keep up the response rate - these are all good solid jobs. OK, time to go work on that Interview Magic chapter. I'll let you know how it goes from here!
Marco P.
I had an interview this morning & used several of the techniques discussed in JSR. I could tell the hiring manager was impressed. When I asked about what talent they were looking for, he jokingly responded with, 'Who's interviewing who here?' & then proceeded to tell me exactly what I need to include when I send my Thank You note. Thanks for all your help & insight.
Lisa C.
I just finished reading Job Secrets Revealed and Goldmine of Jobs and I loved them. The information they contain is so much better than any of the other career search info I got including that from the fancy career search service provided by my former employer.
Barrie R. Smythe
I read your books about resumes and cover letters and I see results! during two different interviews I was told that '.. we received 200 resumes for this position and we choose only 5 including yours.'
I have browsed thru ur book. It is extremely helpful and provides useful insights, which amazingly r very simple. However, it is a fact, that I along with many others, used to ignore most of the tips prior to the usage of this book. After acting upon these tips, I started receiving many interview calls.
Jaymie Sukhera
I just purchased the books, best money I have spent in my life. I read job secrets in one siting last night, all I can say is wow.
Anthony Andrews
Hi, I was very successful using the techniques in JSR to find a great sales job in which I am very happy. Because of this, one of my friends has asked me to help her with her cover letter.
R. T.
Hi, I'm new to this and desperately need help. Haven't read all of the Job Secrets Revealed yet but I love what I've read.
Rachel Roemermann
Just wanted to give you all an update. I got a 2nd job offer! The one I REALLY wanted and I am negotiating salary right now. So I will be leaving the first company who's offer I accepted and moving on to the job that I've wanted all along! I honestly feel that what I leanred from your book made the difference in getting me in the door to interviews.
Marc Popelier
Hi there, I've read your cover letter and resume ebooks... Fantastic stuff!
Chris Elan
I recently sent out my resume and a new cover letter, only a few. But in those few, I recieve replys from all of them. Plus each one commented that my coverletter was unique, and that they really caught their eye ABOVE all the other that they had read... I was on an interview today where the interviewer was so impressed with my coverletter.
I have read JSR and found it to be very helpful, especially in drafting up my cover letter.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I wrote my cover letter based on your book for a highly paid executive job, and I got the reply with some preliminary interview questions THE VERY NEXT DAY!!!
Jasmine F.
Good news all and thank you JSR!!! I just got back from in interview. Instead of studding for all the job interview questions that I always do before I go in to an interview I read the super size your job and used those concepts to sell myself in the interview. Well 2 ? hours later the person offered me the job and said to call her back with my price? Talk about shocked!!! I?m very happy that I spent my time preparing for this interview to offer RESULTS instead of studding on how to answer all those stupid questions. I have one more interview today and one tomorrow and I told the person I would get back to them next week with an answer. Thanks again! West (who is soooo excited!!!)
Myra Westphal
I am only 1/4 of the way through the book and I am already envisioning some new ways to market myself. When I am revamped, I will post for review, thanks again!
D. Little
... And even more!!...
Just to add a little hope and sunshine to the mostly dreary days of looking for a job! After reading the JSR book my first cover letter has landed me an interview tomorrow! WOW!!!
Tom S.
The first letter, created with your program, which I sent to a recruiter on Friday, elicited a response from him that day. That is the first time that has happened since I have been sending out my own cover letter. Thanks, guys. I hope further use of your product will have the same effect.
David Wilkinson
I don't want anyone else to see this site; it's too valuable. Your website sell is almost to outrageous. Now that I bought it, I feel that it is THE MOST IMPORTANT item that I could have in my quest for a new position. Your information is priceless.
James M Howard, M.D.
have reviewed the info on resume secrets. I have been quantifying my successes on resumes for years now, but some of the other marketing and formatting suggestions along with the use of key words make tremendous sense. I can't wait until the weekend to digest the other documents. The marketing information on your website does not do the content justice. This content has exceeded my expectations and I am more optimistic and excited about the opportunities ahead.
Jim Power
I want to thank you for the wonderful material on your site. I DID order the 'Jobs Secrets Revealed'. I can't say enough praise for that eye opener. I was reading as I was printing out the material. Wish I had it four weeks ago, so I could have sent better letters for some of the jobs I missed out on. I have my work cut out for me these next few days, but I believe it will be worth the effort and i will have some responses from my next submissions. Thank you again for your great insights.
June Moore
I emailed you some time ago about getting the interviews and not the job offers. Well two days after I emailed you I went on another interview. They always tell me that one out of six, usually on the sixth one you get the offer. I don't know, but it worked. I got offered a position here in Augusta as an Administrative Coordinator working in the Surgical Orthopedic unit at a major hospital. The first interview took 1 hr and they told me whoever was from the top 3 candidates they would be called back that day. I left at 11:45 a.m. and came home. Its a 10 minute drive. As soon as I got in the house, they called. They asked me to come back in an hour and meet with the Surgeon. He did a 15 minute interview and we hit it off. They called me the following Monday and offered me the job. I also went on another interview in the meantime and they called and offered me a job too. I had to turn the other one down, but it really boost my confidence. I guess that's all I needed. I will be making more $, benefits, learning more in a different field and the training will be conducive with my career goal to be a paralegal. Thanks for the advice! It really works!
Latonya Hylton
I wanted to extend my thanks for the information in your wonderful book - it just helped land me a great job! I moved from the West Coast of the US to the East Coast last summer and embarked on a three-month job search that resulted in me finding a job that was poorly paid and not really what I was looking for. I had to take it though as I was desperate. I continued to apply for other jobs but had a pretty low success rate in terms of getting interviews (I did get a few). By June of this year I was getting very frustrated and desperate so I decided to buy your book. I immediately started to act on your advice and the results were amazing! I increased my interview rate 3-fold and have just been offered a great job with a great salary and benefits. I got an interview for a business development position with this company about a month ago. As soon as I walked in to the interview they told me that they were also interested in me for a project manager position which was great to hear within the first 5 minutes! The last person who interviewed me was the Director of the company who told me that my application was so impressive I'd jumped straight into the second round of interviews! They were really impressed with the way I had broken down the requirements they had listed and responded specifically to each one stating how my experience and skills met their needs. As it turned out I didn't get the business development position but a week later they called to invite me in for an interview for the project manager position. A week after that I was offered a job before they'd even checked my references!! Thanks again. Please don't hesitate to add me to your success stories.
Robert Kelly
I would like to sincerely thank you for the tips you sent me in your news letter. I was sending out resumes and no one was calling me for interviews. I had almost given up when I saw your advertisement and I took your advice. I made a few minor adjustments to my resume and tried to make it look different from the rest and more interesting and the phone has been ringing for a week. I've had 6 interviews since last week and was offered a great job today! Thank you so very much.
Richard Green
Just wanted to say thank you, after reading your book I have secured a job as Office Manager. I was an administrator in the NHS with no route to management there, I could not take any management courses as in order to do so you need to first be in a management position (the old catch 22 situation). After reading your book on the internet, I applied for a job as practice manager, at a GP surgery (which is essentially a privately run business) they felt that although I did not have the financial skills necessary for practice manager, but they were so impressed by what I had to say at that interview, I was asked to return for another interview for office manager/IT project manager - this is a great career move for me. Thank you so much.
Olivia Greengrass
On June 1st, of this year, I was unfortunately told that my company was relocating to another city. I had the choice to relocate, or pretty much look for new work. I chose to remain in my city, because I am soon getting married, and I have lived here my whole life. Well, the first couple of weeks of job hunting was impossible! I had my resume on every online job search site; and I had applied to approximately 50 jobs, without ever getting one callback. Then one day, I discovered a link to your site, and decided to buy your book (Job Secrets Revealed). All I can say is, 'WOW!' With the strategies you mention in the book, along with my own creative additions, I am now getting companies to finally call! In fact, I just went to an interview where the company called me 96 minutes after I sent the email! They called to make sure that they could interview me before the VP left for vacation. Also, they mentioned that out of the 500 or so resumes that came in, my resume was considered the best. Today was my first day of work at the job! So go ahead and use the feedback now. I couldn't have done it without you guys!
John Marisco
Thank you, thank you !!! Here is my story. I was educated in France, graduated from a Technical School after 3 years of intense accounting, finance and shorthand (140 words per minute) courses. Immediately after graduation my family moved first to Canada then to the US. I have made a very good living all theses years and raised two children on my own. I am now a young grandmother but have not been able to secure a job since 1998. Reason: requirement: 4 year US degree.I have done numerous temporary assignments through agencies just to make it. Less than three weeks ago, I purchased your 'Job Secrets Revealed', and followed your advice since nothing else had worked, why not try something different. Guess what? Today I landed the job of my dreams. The interviewer told me she received over 250 applications in response to the add. She selected 10. Out of 10 interviews (1) no show and (4) refused to take the test. I scored the highest, against CPA's and applicants with 4 year US degree. Now, what's amazing is that during the interview the owner of the company kept referring to a job of 5 years ago when I was promoted to Director of Finance, supervised and trained 17 employees and talked about my ccomplishments and how much $$ I saved the company. Never once, did he ask me about my last jobs, 9, 10 of them at least... The cover letter worked for me! Thanks again..
Denise Karchar
Just to let you know that I applied some of the techniques suggested whilst rewriting my cv. I work in IT where there is a lot of competition. By adding statements that relect the benefits of hiring me, I have beaten a lot of competition to interviews and now secured 2 job offers. $29 well spent.
Thanks for adding those changes to my resume, which I feel is complete now. Your wording on just those few new simple sentences were still much more eloquent than what I was going to write! You have a great way with words, not too flashy, not too wordy, just that right amount of professionalism that I was looking for and could be believed that maybe I had done the resume myself (had I spent the next month buried in a thesaurus and a resume writing book!) Get a load of this! Last night (at midnight) I pasted my new executive assistant resume into a recruiter's web site for a couple of choice positions I saw they were advertising, and it was in the salary range I was hoping for. Well, this morning I already received a call from them asking me to come in ASAP for an interview! Who would have expected a call back in less than 24 hours? It had to be the quality job you did selling my skills. I especially liked the way you interviewed me on the phone and pulled out information on my duties/responsibilities that I just took for granted after all these years and forgot how important they may be to someone else. After all, I managed a resume service for 15 years and with all the writers I have seen come and go, you've got the magic touch! And I know that the $225 for the project was nothing compared to the fact that this resume is going to get me interviews at companies that offer the higher level of job I am qualified for and at $10,000 more a year. Now I need to polish up on my interviewing skills. Thank you and I'll keep in touch if I need a little advise with my cover letter.
Doris Less
Thank you again for your feedback on my letter. I wanted to let you know about the results I am getting due to the letter writing skills I attained from Job Secrets Revealed. Within a week after sending out my new letter I have received FOUR phone calls for interviews. Interestingly, each of them were ads that I responded to. In each circumstance, the interviewer has told me that they received at least 200 resumes for the position and they are only interviewing four or five people for the job. The last person I spoke with told me that I was the first one he called and that it was BECAUSE of my cover letter. He said it reminded him of a 'late night home shopping show'...which is wonderful since I am shooting for marketing / advertising / art director type positions. I laughed with him about his comment and told him it was a prime of example of how I am RESULT oriented and he agreed completely. I've only been on one of the four interviews so far. Two of them are this coming week and one will be the following week. You are so right about the simple fact that if you want to get results, you do what works and make your own rules. If you can't represent yourself in a strong, selfless manner then how will a company see you as a potential employee that can help them achieve their goals? One more thing...I think researching the company you are applying to and meeting with has been one of the most productive things I learned from your book and have implemented. Now, I just need to land one these jobs in the interview! Hopefully, I'll be choosing between multiple offers! Thank you again

- Update a few days later -

You may use my story on your success stories page...and you may want to add that I've received TWO calls from non-ad jobs TODAY! I've three interviews this week, plus one phone interview and possibly a fifth next week. Wow!
Marc Berger
I was rejected by a potential employer because of my resume. The employer said he had some canditates with better qualifications. I had sent the resume through a placement agency, so I never actually talked to the employer. That same day, I read Job Secrets Revealed. Though, discouraged by the placement agency, I contacted the employer directly, by email, and (as per your instructions) wrote a letter that was very bold and straitforward about what I could offer his company. THE SAME DAY, I got a call from the placement agency, saying he would like to see me. After the weekend, I was offered the job as the Media Coordinator/Exec. Assistant to the CEO, making $45K a year!!! In fact, when we met again, he said that he had already made up his mind when we met, even though he had other interviews to conduct.
Jan S.
THANK YOU! I used your resume secrets revealed and interview secrets revealed books in my current job search. My search lasted a week, and a recruiter called me--I've never had this happen before. Usually I'd have to send out about 100 resumes to get one interview, then about 3-4 interviews to secure an offer. One offer. This time though, I used your techniques to write the resume and, once in the interview, I used the interview techniques to land the job. We didn't talk about my past. I became a solution provider. Now the best part: I was offered roughly $20,000 MORE than I've ever made before! Thank you so much!
Greg G.
Hi Gang, This is Greg G_____, When I got my new job about 6 weeks ago, I said that I would be making about $20,000 more than I'd ever made. I can now say, with no small amount of gratitude to you, that I was wrong. My salary is roughly DOUBLE what I had been making ($90,000 vs. $45,000). This is with a Fortune 100 company with great benefits!
Greg G
I have a success story for you. I created my resume and cover letter the way you suggested, then I applied for 3 Internet jobs. I was looking for some type of work I would actually like doing, and I wasn't finding much. So, with these three I e-mailed and I sent a cover and resume. Then, my old employer called me with an Office Manager position which was a good offer in some respects, but not quite the work or the income I was wanting. Then, 2 of the 3 companies responded. I only sent the letters out on Monday, and this is Tuesday. The CEO of one of the companies was leaving town tonight and wanted to interview me today. When I met the CEO who interviewed me (my resume and cover were sitting on his desk when I arrived) I smiled and I looked him in the eye and shook his hand, like the material says. Also, I was sure I was not getting interviews or being considered because of my age previously. But, I followed the advice of being honest. He asked me my age, and I told him the truth, 55, and I still got the job. So the book is right. All of those things that we think are holding us back may not be holding us back at all. This job had been on the Internet for weeks which means that probably 1,000's of people had applied for it. I could tell very shortly after he began interviewing me that I already had the job. I used all of the interview techniques you suggest. It went perfectly. He offered me a better job than the one I applied for and more money than I have ever made before--in my dream job!! How I could go from seldom getting an interview to getting my dream job in two days is amazing to me. You really have this job hunting stuff figured out. Can you believe how quickly I got a response and got hired.
Beverly Benchoff
Job secrets revealed is AWESOME. I could not put it down! Line after line, precept after precept it grasps your attention. In fact, its as if one concept naturally launches into another. This is helpful not only to people perusing employment but its extremely help for Employers to notice and narrow in on individuals who use these technics. Because of the current unemployment situation people in the USA need this book. P.S MY money was well spent!
Brad Holgate
My company announced it was closing last September, which means that everyone would be looking for new positions. There has been a staggered release of employees since that time. Several employees are still without work. In addition, there have been 80,000+ other layoffs in our area. I knew that if I was going to find another position, I needed some major help. When I saw your book, Job Secrets Revealed and read the excerpts I KNEW I had to order it. It was delivered immediately, along with the 3 special reports. My eyes were opened! It gave me wildly different ways to approach my job search! It helped me truly value my skills and be totally confident during interviews. I love the statement in Chapter 25-See what you're up against--'It's not an inquisition or a police line up...you're there to help.' It may not be either of those, but was always so nervous it felt like a one! BUT NOT ANYMORE! This and other suggestions in the book are so empowering! I had been on one interview prior to my reading the book. It didn't go very well. But now, thanks to the information in Job Secrets Revealed - I am armed and dangerous! :) If my letter sounds too good to be true to some, obviously they haven't read the book! I can't say enough about it! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
Lisa Price
Just borrowed your book. I'm only on page one, but I just know it's going to be worth the cost. It's fantastic! It's wonderful! I just know I'm going get the $250,000 a year I'm worth. I've never seen so many secrets and techniques revealed in one place before. You are a genius! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Dean Keogh
I have been looking for a career for eight months. I have sent around 100 resumes out. I got the e-book on Saturday. Monday, I faxed out my first resume using some of the ideas in this book. They received an overwhelming response but I was the only person he called one hour after receiving my cover letter and resume. I think he would have called right away if it had not been the lunch hour when I faxed it. The really funny part was that my husband took one look at my cover letter and resume and said it would never work. He is still shaking his head. Your job secrets really work. I don't know if I will get this job or not, but I now feel like I could get any interview that I want. I think it was the best $27 that I ever spent. Thank you.
Hope Alexander
Actually I wrote a letter from your book and mailed it on Monday. At the end of the letter I ask for him to call me today to set up the interview. Since I didn't really expect him to call I went out of town. The moment he recieved the letter he called me wanting to talk about the postion. That is the first time that has happened from an application to an advertised postion. Thanks for your help!
Scott Cockroft
Thanks for all of your help. By the way, the book has been very helpful in my spouse's job search. I know the changes we made on his resume and cover letters resulted in at least two contacts from headhunters. Thanks for the wonderful info!
Chryle Wiens
I have just recieved your ebook and am only on page 26 but had to stop just to tell you how helpful I find the content already. I'm excited to get back to it asap; feel as if I've already gotten my $'s worth! Great work!
Maureen O'Neill
Dear Acland, Because of you, I was up Thursday night until 3AM reading! After 30 years in sales, I was feeling pretty comfortable in writing my cover letter and resume. What I didn't realize was that I have only had 2 interviews during my whole career. I was always hired away from one company to another. After reading your comprehensive guides, I now understand I knew absolutely nothing about resumes or interviewing! Thank goodness I read your information before applying for my next position. The position I am applying for is Fleet sales for a large rental car corporation. I decided to take your advice and do something 'out of the box'. I asked the fleet department what kinds of companies were they looking to have as customers. Then I called some of those companies. I told them I was investigating the fleet business and would they advise me regarding their company. I then asked if I took the position if I could call on them at that time. All who qualified said yes! I was then going to bring in those 20 leads with preapproved appts. when I went into the interview. However, an unexpected situation happened. One of the prospects told me they were looking to buy now! How could I help them? So I called the Fleet Director and told him what I had done. It took away the surprise, but he was so flabbergasted that he said he was not only going to pass on the lead, but tell the Vice President of the Division what I had done. I now have a guaranteed interview! But it screwed up the cover letter I had written. Now I can't think of anything creative to do on it! Too much good information from you and now I feel overwhelmed by which direction to go. I'm not used to being indecisive, but you had so many fabulous suggestions, it boggles the mind!

Your ebook and other guides are now in a large notebook. I couldn't just read it, I had to highlight it. There was so much, I ended up highlighting in 4 different colors! One for cover letter info, two for resume, three for interviewing and the fourth for online info. Thank you so much for sharing your great ideas and experience. I also enjoyed your audio interviews. I took many notes during them as well. You have done wonders! After feeling like a pro, I realized I was actually ignorant. Thank you for this humbling, yet enlightening experience. Also want you to know that the $40 I spent on your book and guides will probably help me win the job that could provide me a 6-digit income. I can't think of a better investment I have ever made in my life!
Julie Donnelly
Thank you for the handful of the news letters you are giving me. I am particularly very grateful for the free offer.I have applied the tricks of writting applications and sent out three applications .Guess what ? I have been invited for the interviews in all the places. I am very very grateful I will keep you updated of what is going on.
Francis Oyo
I used the wonderfully mind expanding ideas and they worked! I turned in my notice today and start my new job in three weeks! I have recommended your fantastic book to all my former workmates who are also looking for new positions.
Lisa S Martens